Perrigo – Plaintiffs contend that Perrigo provided false and misleading statements on the labeling and on the advertising of Perrigo products regarding the effectiveness and claims to help “rebuild cartilage,” “lubricate joints,” and “improve joint comfort.” Submit your claim here.

ARCO & ARCO-AMPM – An Oregon jury found that BP West Coast Products LL (“BPWCP”) charged more for gas than the amount registered at the pump and failed to properly disclose its prices when it charged a debit card transaction fee to consumers who used debit cards to pay for gas at Oregon ARCO station. Submit your claim here.

AT&T – Allegations have been made against AT&T by The Federal Trade Commission for deceiving customers about third-party charges that the customers did not authorize and AT&T lumped the charges together making them appear they were related to the mobile phone services. Submit your claim here.

LeanSpa – The marketers of the weight loss supplement LeanSpa have agreed to settle a deceptive marketing lawsuit that was filed be The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC lawsuit alleged LeanSpa created fake news websites to promote acai berry and colon cleansing products. They also falsely informed consumers they could receive a free trial if they paid a small shipping and handling fee which resulted in consumers paying nearly $80 and automatically signed up for monthly subscriptions that were difficult to cancel. Submit your claim here.

Flax USA / Flax Milk – Allegations have been filed against Flax USA claiming they labeled some of the FlaxMilk products with statements like “all natural” when in fact their products contain artificial and synthetic ingredients. Submit your claim here.

FedEx – The plaintiffs allege that FedEx improperly charged fees such as residential delivery fees, extend delivery area surcharges, and fuel surcharges to customers. Submit claim here.

Electrolux – The lawsuits allege that Electolux breached warranties, was negligent, violated consumer protection laws and unlawfully profited from the sale of dryers known to cause fires due to lint buildup. Submit your claim here.

Sylvania – The plaintiffs allege that the manufacturers of Sylvania headlights overstated the brightness, road visibility and life expectancy of some of its premium headlights. Submit your claim here.

Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc. – Allegations have been made against Viega (Vanguard) that brass fittings were defective and of poor quality. Submit your claim here.

CertainTeed Siding – The plaintiffs allege that the siding from CertainTeed shrinks, warps, cracks, bows, delaminate, and otherwise deteriorate in ways that did not meet their expectations for the product. Submit your claim here.

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