How To Win Your Next Personal Injury Case

Feel like you don’t understand all the technical aspects of your personal injury case? Hire a technical expert on your team. A technical expert can be invaluable when it comes to personal injury cases such as car accidents, product liability and slip & fall.

A technical expert can help your case by developing proper legal theory, using scientific methods to obtain facts and information and even suggesting new avenues for discovery. At trials involving complex matters, a technical expert can explain in a simple language their conclusions while proving their discovery through analysis and scientific rigor.

Here are a few ways a technical expert can help a case by advancing or rebutting theories of liability.

Vehicle collision cases

Engineers and physicists can:

  • Establish liability in lane intrusion and intersection cases by determining the exact point of impact
  • Testify on the likely effect of impact at the time of the accident whether seat belts had been worn
  • Establish a driver’s speed and course of travel before collision
  • Establish a driver’s ability to see and hear other vehicles, pedestrians and to hear warning signs and ascertain dangerous conditions
  • Predict a driver’s or a pedestrian’s reaction time to support or rebut a claim

Slip and fall cases

Slip and fall cases can benefit from the trained eyes of a technical expert by analyzing the flooring, carpet, pavement, stairway and other surface’s condition on which someone fell or got injured. Tests can be run on the plaintiff’s shoes to determine the coefficient of friction. Lightning and maintenance are also analyzed for any hazard that may have been created. Technical experts also have knowledge of  planning, construction and maintenance of walking surfaces and will be able to see if building standards were followed in order to determine the cause of injury.

Product liability cases

Experts are also brought in to testify on defective designs or construction of items such as vehicles, containers and appliances. A technical expert will be able to determine the pressure, vibration, temperature, friction and other forces that an item is exposed to. In most cases, litigation over drugs that are allegedly harmful require the testimony of technical experts. Recreational areas might also be included in product liability cases and also require calling in an expert.

Explosion cases

If there was a natural gas line explosion in a condo complex then a technical expert can determine and pinpoint the physical forces that led to the safety hazard and also what had to be done in order to prevent it.

Now that you know what types of personal injury cases there are and how an expert can help you. Your chances of winning a case will improve tenfold if you have technical expert on your team. Don’t skimp on this important part of the discovery process.

photo credit: NOAA’s National Ocean Service

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