Top 10 Class Action Lawsuits 2015

1. Lifetime Fitness – Plaintiffs contend that Lifetime Fitness violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by sending text messages to cell phones without the express consent of the recipients. Settlement pool is $15,000,000. Submit your claim here.

2. Kettle Chips – Allegations have been made that Diamond Foods violated certain laws by making certain claims on its product labels. Specifically, the class action lawsuits target Kettle Brand products that were mislabeled as natural, nothing artificial, and non-GMO. The plaintiffs claim Kettle Brand products contain synthetic and/or artificial ingredients. Submit your claim here.

3. LinkedIn User Privacy – By its own admission, LinkedIn did not use industry-standard protections for its users’ personal information, including passwords and personal information, of users who subscribed to its premium services. LinkedIn used an easily-cracked encryption algorithm that government agencies stopped using more than 6 years ago, then failed to secure its website – including a relatively common SQL injection attack. Submit your claim here.

4. Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant– The plaintiffs allege that Church & Dwight, the manufacturers of Arm & Hammer, mislead consumers by including the terms “Natural Deodorant” and “Natural Protection” on the labels and marketing of Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant when some of the ingredients were not all natural. Submit your claim here.

5. Verizon – Allegations have been filed against Verizon Wireless that the plaintiffs were improperly billed with the Family SharePlan. According to the class action lawsuit, Verizon billed customers for different per-minute rates for “after-allowance” minutes used by different phone line which is in violation of its customers contracts, state and federal law. Submit your claim here.

6. Kirin Ichiban Beer – The plaintiffs allege that Anheuser-Busch Companies LLC gave the impression its Kirin Ichiban beer is brewed in Japan, when it is actually made in the USA. While bottles include the fact the beer is brewed in Virginia, the plaintiffs claim that was in small print and in a location most consumers would not see until after the beer was purchased, since this is not labeled on the six-pack box the beer is packaged in. Submit claim here.

7. Hyundai Miles Per Gallon – The lawsuits allege that Hyundai Motor Company misrepresented the fuel economy (or miles per gallon estimates) on certain Hyundai vehicles in the model years 2011, 2012 and 2013. Submit your claim here.

8. Wacoal Shaping Undergarments – The plaintiffs allege that Wacoal America Inc. claimed that their caffeinated “shapewear” undergarments were able to slim and reshape the body of its customers. The iPants lawsuit alleges that Wacoal’s claim that its iPant products are able to reduce cellulite and reduce a person’s thigh measurements are false and unsubstantiated. Submit your claim here.

9. TracFone – Allegations have been made against TracFone for falsely advertising its wireless mobile phone plans as providing “unlimited” data while actually maintaining monthly data usage limits that were not disclosed to customers. The lawsuit further alleges that TracFone regularly throttled, suspended, and terminated customers’ data plans pursuant to the secret limits. Submit your claim here.

10. Wells Fargo– The plaintiffs allege that Wells Fargo placed calls to cell phones in violation of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The plaintiff alleged she received calls from Wells Fargo that were intended for the collection of another person’s credit card account. Further, these calls allegedly featured a prerecorded voice message or were made with an autodialer, in violated of the TCPA. Others may join this lawsuit if they received calls from Wells Fargo without a credit card account with Wells Fargo and did not consent to receive the calls. Submit your claim here.


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